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Archived Event: Refugee Week – Immigration and Access to Health Care Services

This event has already taken place, and is shown here for information only.

Date: 19 Jun 2023 

Time: 10.00-11.00

Venue: Online event - register via Eventbrite

Adult education (16+), Health, , ,

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the topic of access to healthcare in England for migrants.

Join us for an enlightening discussion on the topic of access to healthcare in England for migrants and the notable differences they experience compared to the general population. This engaging event, featuring our respected speaker José Carlos Mejía Asserias, a researcher, facilitator, and project manager specializing in HIV and mental health in London, will delve into the challenges migrants face when seeking medical assistance, including issues related to immigration status, language barriers, cultural differences, and systemic limitations. Through informative presentations and thought-provoking discussions, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of the unique barriers that migrants encounter within the healthcare system. José’s extensive experience collaborating with public bodies and community organizations, and his dedication to projects focusing on migrants, LGBT communities, and indigenous groups in the UK, Brazil, and Colombia, brings a unique perspective to the discussion. Whether you are an academic researcher, healthcare professional, policymaker, or an individual passionate about social equality, this event will provide valuable insights and inspire collective action towards creating an inclusive and accessible healthcare system for all. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a meaningful conversation that aims to promote compassion, equality, and better health outcomes for migrants in England. Reserve your spot today to gain valuable insights from our guest speaker and contribute to this important event.


We are excited to announce the upcoming Refugee Week at the University of Greenwich in 2023. This week-long series of events and activities aims to celebrate the resilience, contributions, and cultural diversity of refugees. Through engaging panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, and interactive workshops, we will create a space for meaningful dialogue, awareness, and solidarity. Refugee Week at the University of Greenwich 2023 seeks to foster empathy, challenge stereotypes, and promote understanding among students, staff, and the wider community. Join us as we come together to honour the journeys and stories of refugees, exploring their experiences, aspirations, and the importance of creating a welcoming and inclusive society. Be part of this transformative and inspiring week that promotes compassion, equality, and celebrates the strength and resilience of refugees.


Get your tickets on online here: Refugee Week – Immigration and Access to Health Care Services Tickets, Mon 19 Jun 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite